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Understanding your Rabbit, body language. The Rabbit Ranch provides rabbit boarding and Care, or holiday boarding for your guinea pig, hamster, gerbil, mouse/small animal.
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Rabbit Speak

Understanding your Rabbit Pet Care page
  Reprinted from articles at www.adoptarabbit.org
Head down / presenting: I want to be groomed by my partner or petted by my human.
Licking: I really want to be your friend. I really like you
Nose nudging: I need attention. Please give me some pets and head rubs.
Pulling on pant leg: Please pay attention to me.
Tooth clicking:
Mmmmm. I like this.
Lying stretched out, feet behind:
Life is good.
Flopping over on side or back: Life is very good.
I need my rest.
Ears back and relaxed: I’m secure and happy.
Ears forward: I hear something over there. What is it?
Ears forward, body leaning forward: Do I dare get any closer?
Sitting up on haunches: If I could just see over that box.
Defence or Aggression  
Ears back, chin forward, tail up: Better watch out!
Grunting and growling: I’m not too happy with what is going on.
Biting: I mean business!
Charging: I’ll get you or Ha! I am just bluffing.
Batting with front paws: Stop that. I don’t like it.
Excitement, Happiness, Joy  
Circling human: You are my love object.
Running and leaping/twisting in midair (binkying): This freedom is wonderful!
Quick shake of head: So good to see you!
Pushing or tossing objects: I’m in a playful mood.
Fear, Displeasure  
Thumping hind leg: Something’s not right here.
Freezing: I hope no one sees me.
Running: I have to get out of here quick.
Hiding: I am not sure it is safe to come out.
Eyes bulging, third eyelid visible: I don’t like this, not at all.
Nipping: Please put me down.
Loud teeth grinding or gnashing: Something hurts a lot.
Hunched up and not moving during
regular activity and eating times:
I feel terrible. My stomach hurts.
Eyes bulging: I am not a happy camper right now.
Territorial Actions  
Chinning: This is mine, this is mine, this is mine…
Scattered droppings: I want everyone to know that this is my kingdom.
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