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Pet care at the Rabbit Ranch. Rabbit boarding and Care, or holiday boarding for your guinea pig, hamster, gerbil, mouse / small animal. Run by pet lovers
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Pet Care

Pet Care at The Rabbit Ranch
Our sole aim is to ensure that while your pet is staying with us, he/she is as happy and contented as possible, whilst being kept in the best of health.

We keep a close eye on our guests, checking them over daily and twice in hotter weather.
Your pet will not mix with any other boarders other than those he /she is brought in with.
Bonded pets are always kept together.

During your pets stay we will provide, daily:-
  Fresh hay
  Pure dried grass
  Fresh veg and fruit twice daily (unless otherwise directed)
  Fresh water in hutches and runs
  Time outside in runs, weather permitting
  Toys - Tubes, balls, boxes - to climb into and onto etc to prevent boredom
  Grooming if required
  Lots of attention and cuddles

We are the only small animal hotel in the area to use Rapport bedding in our hutches. This is highly absorbent and naturally made from the oilseed rape plant, but best of all it is infused with citronella so helps keep flies away in hot weather.
All hutches and runs are cleaned out daily and cleaned and disinfected between boarders.

All we ask is that you bring the dry food mix your pet prefers as they are much healthier and happier sticking to what is familiar to them. You can of course, bring along any favourite toys and treats. We have even had bunnies bring along their own beds and rattles to play with.

Pets are transported to runs in a carrier to prevent accidents. Even the most placid pets can be spooked and try to leap out of your arms.
In dry weather runs will be on grass, however if the grass is too damp they will be placed on one of the patios. This has the added bonus of keeping their claws filed!
Please let us know if too much grass upsets your pets tummy!

During very hot weather we will ensure that your pet is kept as cool as possible.
We will not put him/her outside during the hottest part of the day and in extreme temperatures it may be necessary to keep pets indoors. This is particularly relevant to Guinea Pigs. Fans are used indoors to keep the temp. down.
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